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Agiofarago beach is a beautiful beach with dark clear waters and fine pebbles. The access to Agiofarago is made by boat from Agia Galini or alternatively with an easy half hour hike crossing the imposing "Gorge of the Saints". Discover caves where the ascetics lived as well as the church of Agios Antonios, in which there is a well with clear water. You will also find the Goumenospilio which was a gathering place for hermits. If you climb the rocks you will admire the lagoon of Vourvoulitis, which communicates underground with the Mediterranean. The area is full of stone swallows, which never migrate because, according to legend, they are the souls of the hermits who once lived in the area.
Moni Odigitrias Monastery
The monastery of Panagia Odigitria is one of the oldest monasteries in Crete. It was built in the 14th century and its name is associated with the Monastery of the Drivers of Istanbul. Visit the facilities, which include the bakery, the press, the olive mill, the monks' cells, the abbey with the library, the guest house and the well. Agios Eumenios and Agios Parthenios consecrated in the Holy Monastery of Panagia Odigitria. You will also have the opportunity to admire 4 images of the painter Angelos (15th century) that are preserved in the monastery.
Kommos beach
Kommos Beach is secluded, has clear blue waters and belongs to an archaeologically protected zone. It was a favorite destination of hippies and that is why its northern part is still a nudist beach. However, the beach also has an organized section with umbrellas, sunbeds and a beach bar. Admire the white sand lilies that bloom in the sand dunes of the area at the end of summer. In the sea, opposite the archeological site of Kommos, you will see the rock of Volakas. According to mythology, the rock was created when the angry cyclops Polyphemus threw the ship of the Argonaut Odysseus there, when he and his companions tried to run it out of his cave. When you visit Kommos beach, be careful where you step! The loggerhead turtles choose the beach to lay their eggs during the summer months.
Phaistos was a city of Minoan Crete and was inhabited from 6000 BC. It was the second largest center after the city of Knossos. It was founded by the brother of King Minos, who was known for his justice. For this reason, according to Greek mythology, he was appointed with the death of the guardian of the gates of the underworld, Hades. With your visit you have the opportunity to admire up close the famous album of Phaistos. The disk of Phaistos contains a text in a spiral arrangement which archaeologists have not been able to decipher until today.
Ancient Gortyna was a city in Minoan Crete, inhabited from 7000 BC and completely destroyed by two earthquakes. Today it is an archeological site of the island. In Gortyna you will admire the temple of St. Titus, the Roman Conservatory, the large twelve-carat inscription of Gortyna, the acropolis, the praetorium, the thermal baths, the temple of Pythian Apollo and the temple of the Egyptian deities. A special impression is made by the Platanos of Gortyna, which differs from the other trees as it is evergreen. According to legend, the union of Zeus and Europe took place there, from which Minos, Radamanthis and Sarpidon, the three kings of Crete, were born.
Museum of Cretan Ethnology
The Museum of Cretan Ethnology is located in the village of Voroi. The museum houses 3000 exhibits which outline the ethnological development and evolution of man. The exhibits are divided into 7 sections with the following topics: Architecture, nutrition, customs, social organization, transport, arts - trade and textiles.
Zaros lake
Visit Lake Zaros. It used to be a small wetland, but today the area is remodeled with the construction of an artificial lake. The landscape is idyllic and green. It has picnic benches and a playground for your children to play in. There is also a tavern in the area where you will eat fresh salmon or trout. Lake Zaros is the starting point of the path, which after 2.30 hours of hiking ends in the magnificent green forest of Rouvas.
Kamares cave
The Kamares cave is one of the most important worship caves of Minoan Crete. From the village of Kamares, follow the uphill path. You will cross the magnificent green Kamaraiko Forest with its many springs, and in 3.5 hours of steep ascent you will reach the famous Cave. Vases of exceptional art have been found in the cave. According to archaeologists, the cave was probably dedicated to the goddess Eilithia, the goddess of childbirth and fertility.
Rouvas gorge & forest
In a valley south of Psiloritis, grows the forest of exceptional beauty and rarity of Rouvas. The forest has a unique ecological value, as rare plants thrive in it and wild animals that are threatened with extinction live there. In the northern part of the forest you will see the "vineyards", a tree that grows in Crete and nowhere else in the world. The Cretan league or guard cat finds refuge in the Rouvas Forest. This is a species of wildcat so rare that it has been rarely observed by scientists.
Preveli river beach
Preveli is one of the most famous beaches in Crete. It is formed at the exit of the Mega River, creating a landscape of unique beauty that consists of the combination of river and sea. There is also the second largest palm forest of Crete. Do not miss to visit it!
Tripiti beach
Tripiti is a beautiful beach of Crete which combines sand and pebbles, responding to the preferences of every visitor. It took its name from the three large natural arches in its eastern part, which the locals call "Kamarelles". Climb the Camarelli and sit in the chair that has been placed for many years. Look at the endless blue and get lost on the horizon. Hiking is required to reach Tripiti. The route is pleasant and constantly offers panoramic views of the Cretan Sea. Behind the beach of Tripiti, you will see Aliki, a sea lake which dries up during the summer months.


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