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Our family accommodation MINOS in Agia Galini is prepared to open its doors and will soon be with you again.
We are ready to welcome you with unique experiences observing the new safety-hygiene rules, so that we can ensure you a pleasant and comfortable stay with us.
Taking into account the current situation regarding COVID-19, we have adapted to our accommodation new hygiene rules according to the new protocols, which were given to us for the safety of all of us by the government.
It is important for us to ensure the safety and well-being of our visitors during your staywith us.
It has always been important for us to take good care of your hygiene.
Due to the current data, we have added additional cleaning and disinfection measures in all areas of the accommodation, indoor and outdoor.

➢ For that reason,
1. we have installed hand sanitizers in several places
2. Meticulous cleaning and disinfection in all areas and in all parts of accommodation
3. we clean and disinfect more often the during the day the frequent points of touch and surfaces such as corridors, knobs, stairs, k.a
4. we respond immediately in case of emergency cleaning

➢ In addition,
1. we recommend our visitors not to crowd in the common areas and to keep a distance about 2 meters between them
2. we recommend our visitors to disinfect their hands before entering the breakfast area and we encourage you to use the room service
3. enjoying the buffet breakfast will be done without the use of shared utensils
4. we applied the table seats at a distance of 1,5 meters
5. to avoid possible health problems, we do not allow entry to those who do not stay in our accommodation
6. we encourage our visitors to contact us for any questions, suggestions and comments, so that we can offerr the best possible operation of our accommodation

We are close to you to provide you unique experiences with the priority always the security of all of us !